Thursday, August 4, 2011

It Was the Best of Summers...

   ...And in a way, it was the worst of summers.
   If you've been reading my blog, you know I've been working a summer job at a local cupcake/cake shop. Today, however, was the first day of school, and even though I'm not jumping up and down with excitement over it, I have been looking forward to it.
   This summer has been incredibly crazy; with working three to four days a week, I haven't had much R&R time to blog, take photos, etc. Not to mention the incredible humidity and heat...
   But, to somewhat tie up summer and start the school year fresh, I thought I might make a list of some skills I've acquired over the last few months.
      -To start, I've lost a lot of my shyness over the summer. I can now (somewhat) start a conversation with
   someone I don't know that well.
      -I've grown in my Faith, talking to God more than I did before, and learning to converse with Him like I
   do my mom or dad
   Now, for some fun ones:
      -I've learned how to deal with public, and plaster on a pretty convincing fake smile (don't ask)
      -I can now run a cash register, and I am particularly skilled in voiding things off :)
      -I can ice four cupcakes into a small cupcake cake, write on, and border the edges in under ten minutes
   (again, don't ask)
      -I can lift a lot of icing
      -And, among other things, I've tested my wings, so to speak
   All in all, a very rewarding summer in most ways. I've met some really awesome people, and have stepped out of my "comfort zone" quite a bit (sorry if that's a reiteration of one of my previous points; I just really want to get that across!).
   I'll still work some Saturdays during the school year, but I think I'll enjoy being back home with my family!
   And now, since no post is complete without a picture:


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