About Me

  So, to start with, I'm a young woman who hopes to please her Lord in all aspects of her life. Second, I homeschool, along with my two younger siblings. And yes, I love it; it's the best thing ever!
    More about me:
-I have a Nikon D500 camera and a SB-600 flash, and would recommend them both highly
-My family are my best friends, and I could never live without them
-My favorite things to do are photography (duh!), read/write, play piano, and pretty much anything arts-and-craftsy
-My favorite TV show is Doctor Who, but I enjoy any sci-fi show, within reason
-My favorite book is Christy; ask anyone in my family and they'll tell you I'm obsessed. I've watched/seen/listened to just about everything Christy that there is
-I've decided to stay pure and not to date at all; instead, I'm going to wait on the one God's chosen for me (this a great book about making that decision)
    Now for some trivial things:
-I am always listening to music
-The Weeping Angels creep me out
-I love British and Scottish accents
-I'm studying German
-I hate repetitive noises
-I'm a little obsessive/compulsive
-Chunky peanut butter is awesome :)

    So, that's a little bit about me!